Nova Yang

Nova Yang is a photography assistant.

Even though  Nova is just a  new immigrant high school student in New York,  he had rich photo shooting experiences when he worked for some studios in China. As an assistant of NewYorkDreamer Studio, he will put his heart and soul into the jobs.

Nove has a full understanding of the style of the photos and the requirements for a qualified photo. He thinks that photography is a highly technical work. Although photography itself has the role of entertainment, it is by no mean a recreational tool. Photography has both cultural and artistic connotations of a high-level art. Moreover, photography is not only an elegant space art, but also represents the eternal moment of history. A good photographic work often reflects people’s cherish for the reality and desire for a better future from their deep heart.  It will also record Nove’s growth from a young man to a professional artist (^_^).

Come to see Nova, he would like to talk and work with you.

Clients:  WWW.CCTV.COM
Industry:  Fashion, Food, Sports, Lifestyle